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Friday, April 08, 2005
Ten Things I Like About Comics: #5

Great covers from the past. The covers shown below are some of my favorites:

I like this one because of the chess theme, and because the analogy to crime-fighting is perfectly presented.

This cover made me laugh out loud the first time I saw it. But Superman gets back at the Boy Wonder with this prank:

Speaking of Supes, he got a good one on Lois Lane's cooking ability here:

Remind me not to have biscuits the next time I eat over at Lois' place.

For the prior entry in this series, click here.
Get Tom Delay?

The Lefties are baying like hounds on the scent of a fox. Our buddies at Ankle-Biting Pundits suggest that they "Move-On".

And on a lighter note, ABP are looking for suggested shows for Al Gore TV.
Kerry Favored by Geography?

Sigh. Here's another guy who thinks Kerry should have won.

Johnston also argued there is a built-in bias in the outcomes of U.S. elections.

By bias, he meant the difference in Electoral College votes between two candidates if they obtained the same share of the popular vote.

In 2004, Bush received 286 electoral votes with 51.084 percent of the popular vote. Kerry had 252 electoral votes, with 48 percent of the vote.

But if the percentage of the popular vote were equally split between the two candidates, to 49.542 percent, Kerry would have won the election, with 289 electoral votes, compared to 249 electoral votes for Bush.

Lord only knows what he means by that. And Kerry did not end up with 252 electoral college votes--there was that goofy elector in Minnesota who ended up voting for Edwards, remember?
Thursday, April 07, 2005
Survivor Update

Survivor should be required watching for youngsters. Ulong served a very useful purpose; they demonstrated what happens to those who are lazy and stupid. Bobby Jon must have groaned when he heard that the objective was to do a word-find puzzle.

It will be interesting to see if there actually is a merge next week, or if they force Steph to lose two more contests. Obviously the negative would be a fairly small jury; assuming they wanted to have an odd number then they'd be running the risk of having the tribe go to individual challenges with an even number of players. So the merge is bound to happen next week.

Tom's gotta watch himself; he's like Ruppert, somebody everybody would vote for if he makes it through to the final two. So the other members of Koror will be looking to get rid of him the first chance they get.
Interesting Case Not Getting A Lot of Play

Tom Lifson has the details.

An elderly woman, walking home with her husband from an extension class at the University of California, was grabbed from behind by a young woman who had just walked past her on the sidewalk. In a flash, her throat was slit to the bone.

As she spurted blood, the suspect drove off with her companion, another young woman, in a light blue BMW M3 convertible, a car which carries a suggested retail price of 55 thousand dollars.

Hat Tip: Lucianne
The Reality-Based Community? Part XL

Anti-free speech leftists assaulted David Horowitz. Details here.

"There's a wave of violence on college campuses, committed by what I'd call fascists opposing conservatives," Horowitz said. "It's one step from that to injury."

That's my concern; when is somebody going to take the next step and use a gun or a knife?

Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin
IRA/McCartney Update

Captain Ed has a great post on Gerry Adams' recent statement that the IRA should consider laying down its weapons.

If Adams and Sinn Féin want to get taken seriously as peace partners, they need to start by turning over the murderers of Robert McCartney and James MacGinley, as well as those who threatened witnesses to both crimes, and return the money stolen in the bank heist. Otherwise they will remain nothing but apologists for loathsome thugs who increasingly appear to love the petty power they've created through the muzzle of their guns in the neighborhoods they claim to represent.

Slugger O'Toole would remind him that although the IRA is widely suspected in the bank robbery, nothing has been proven definitively on that score.
Fonda Wrong Again

On Letterman's show:

Fonda was on CBS' "Late Show with David Letterman" Wednesday night and Letterman asked how she feels about the war in Iraq. Fonda got a big hand from Letterman's audience when she said, "I think the war is wrong. I think it's a mistake and I think we that should get out."

Letterman had just held up the infamous photo of Fonda sitting on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun. Fonda, who is promoting her autobiography, "My Life So Far," said she is the "lightning rod" for the still open wounds of the Vietnam war and she feels "sad about that."

Fonda told Letterman her image as Hanoi Jane is a creation of ideologues to "promulgate their right wing, narrow world view. It really doesn't have anything to do with me and it's kind of sick."

Maybe we should start calling her Baghdad Barbarella?
Wednesday, April 06, 2005
NCAA Tournament Update

Not to gloat here, but I won both the pools I was in this year. Well, okay, it is gloating.
Man Spends 20 Years Getting Recognition for a Hero of the Holocaust

This is just a nice story:

Robert Jacobvitz spent much of the last 20 years in obscurity trying to rectify the image of a World War II era diplomat few had heard of, let alone remembered.

Tonight, Jacobvitz will take center stage in New York, receiving a medal from the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation at the Museum of Jewish Heritage. Jacobvitz is being honored for his efforts to commemorate Aristides de Sousa Mendes, a Portuguese consul in France in 1940 who defied his government for three days, issuing 30,000 visas -- 10,000 to Jews -- to people trying to flee the Nazis.

Good backgrounder on Sousa Mendes here.
Philippines Immigrant Dies a Hero

Details here:

After a diesel truck drove into a building and exploded, a badly injured Marine crawled from the rubble. Rimes and others encircled medics as they treated Lance Cpl. Daryl F. Brown Jr. Insurgents fired, killing Rimes.

"Corporal Rimes is our hero," Brown's sister, Danica Love of Baytown, Tex., wrote in a letter to the Santa Maria Times. "My whole family feels a deep gratitude to him."

Rimes, an anti-tank gunner, was killed April 1 in Ramadi, Iraq. He was assigned to the 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force at Camp Pendleton. While in Iraq, he served in the 2nd Marine Division and was killed less than a month in the country.

On Tuesday, friends and relatives remembered Rimes' generosity, sense of humor and his honor to serve as a Marine.

"Ever since he was a kid, he wanted to be a Marine," his younger sister, Patty Rimes of Santa Maria, said. "He wanted to be in the military."

A native of the Philippines, Rimes immigrated to the United States in 1996. He joined the Marines in 1997, hoping the military would help in his goal to become a U.S. citizen.
Jimmy Carter Snubbed for Pope's Funeral

The Prowler has the details:

"The other thing that people forget is that Carter has treated President Bush very badly. He has openly criticized the President in a manner that President Clinton has not," says a Bush administration source. "He has traveled around the world bad-mouthing this president and this country's policies. I would be surprised if a single person gave a thought to including him in the delegation."
More On Paul Smith, Medal of Honor Winner

I missed blogging on him receiving the award (posthumously) on Monday, because I'd already covered his heroic conduct. That was a mistake, as it's impossible to cover a hero like Smith too much.

Here's a description of the scene as his marker was placed at Arlington.

Here's an article on the actual awarding of the medal, with a picture of his family.

Another good article on the ceremony at Arlington.

Matthew Keller, a sergeant in Smith's platoon, hesitated at Grave 67 for his own reasons.

Keller had some things to say, things he had wanted to say ever since the April 2003 day in Baghdad when, outgunned and outmaneuvered, his leader grabbed a machine gun and risked his life, saving about 100 of his men.

A Chance To Say Thanks

Keller was one of them.

He had been at Smith's side then. Now, he felt at Smith's side again.

``I never got to thank him,'' the 26-year-old soldier from Key Largo said.

Keller has had many sleepless nights, horrifying nightmares and recurring visions of the scene, exactly two years and a day earlier, when hundreds of Iraqis surprised their unit from above a courtyard of high walls.

Smith, a 33-year-old platoon leader whom Keller credits with teaching him discipline and attention to detail, and making him a good soldier, had been fighting next to him.

That's when, firing a machine gun, Smith held off the Iraqis, giving his men cover and time to scramble to safety.

Smith took a hit and fell.
Amazing Race Update

Last night's episode was unique so far this season in that the racers did not face any public transportation bottlenecks that in the past have resulted in all or most of the teams being tied again. Usually despite a nominal lead, the early-leaving teams get stuck waiting for a train or a plane, allowing the other teams to catch up. That didn't happen last night, and as a result the order of finish was essentially the same as last week, with the only difference being that Rob and Ambuh slipped ahead of the POW and the Beauty Queen.

Speaking of the latter, did you catch the bit where BQ was rebuking the POW at the end? "I haven't commented on anything you did wrong today, whereas you've commented on everything I've done wrong," she said, or words to that effect. Now if the POW had been quick on his feet, he would have retorted: "You mean up till now, don't you?", or "Maybe that's because I didn't do anything wrong today, unlike you, beeeeeyatch!"

Two groups made mistakes and had to turn around: Uchenna & Joyce forgot to pull out the stake (the camera lingered on the standing stake just long enough to set the image in our minds), and Team Auldephart missed the final clue, but it made little difference in terms of the order of finish.

Amusing bits: Team Gay donning layers of clothing in case they finished last and were forced to give up everything but the clothes on their back, followed by Team Brothers who stripped down to their shorts in the hope the producers would keep them around for amusement value.

Annoying bits: At first the Uchenna & Joyce bit about being back in the old country was annoying until Uchenna mentioned that his dad had come from Africa, so it's not some connection dating back ten generations. I was pleased that they got some benefit out of trying the balancing game. When I was a kid my sister and I used to balance several books on our heads and walk around the house after seeing it on a TV show. I know I could have zipped through that part like Team Africa.
Tuesday, April 05, 2005
Caught on Film--Errr, Flashcard

If you've always wondered what Roberto of Dynamo Buzz looks like, here's your chance to find out.
Libertarian Unrest

Our blogging buddy Patrick Hynes takes a look at the unrest in the Libertarian Wing of the Republican Party.

Too often, though, the idea of a conservative-libertarian divorce reads like an ultimatum from libertarians, who occasionally express so much frustration at conservative apostasy they threaten to walk away.

That's right on the money; various small-l libertarian bloggers have made such threats in the recent past, most notably Bill Ardolino.

Back to Patrick's analysis:

I have worked on dozens of Republican campaigns for high public office and never once, not one time, did I ever sit in a strategy session dedicated to formulating an appeal to the libertarian wing of the party. Conversely, I have never been on a campaign in which we did not devise strategies to communicate with and recruit conservatives, whether they be pro-lifers, anti-taxers, guns rights folks, or Christians. What I’m saying is that if the libertarians walk away from the table, the party will be a whole lot less principled, but we’re not likely to lose a lot of votes.

Indeed. It strikes me that the small-l libertarian faction within the Republican party is pretty much going to stay put. If you're a Republican with libertarian ideas, then chances are that limited taxation and business regulation are what attracts you to the party, and social issues are less important to you. If they were more important than taxes and regulation, you'd probably be a Democrat.
Irish Eyes

Took a look at some of my favorite Irish blogs this afternoon and came up with some winning posts:

Richard Delevan has a humorous bit on "whataboutery" (my favorite new word of 2005) and other subjects.

We like to think of ourselves as offensive on an equal-opportunity basis, and as a "fascist neocon Yank" whose ancestry includes Jackeens, Culchies, Dirty Fenian Taigs, Murdering Proddy Bastards, Kikes, Micks, Limeys, Cheese-Eating Surrender-Monkeys and Hunkies (that last being a '50s slur against Hungarian-Americans that sicGrandma would've heard, but which we had to look up in the Racial Slur Database) we feel comfortable with a wide range of targets, delivered nonetheless with affection.

I'm not generally prejudiced myself, but when it comes to them lowdown Culchies....

Mick Fealty (Slugger O'Toole) is looking for contributions to finance his coverage of the Parliamentary elections in Northern Ireland.

Twenty Major is applying for the job of Pope:

Let me begin by saying that although my experience of regular day to day churchery is maybe not quite at the level you might normally consider acceptable for a highly prized gig like this I am quite an accomplished orator as Jimmy the Bollix and any of the lads down at my local will tell you.

Speaking of the Pope, Eamonn Fitzgerald does some speculating:

What about a youngster (well, under 65) to connect with the internet age? Or what about an oldster who won't be around too long but who'll make it easier for the next guy to finally escape from John Paul's shadow?

That last bit is quite interesting. I was thinking about college basketball coaches last night. Many have noted how hard it is to replace a legend; nobody's yet really filled John Wooden's shoes at UCLA. Matt Doherty was unable to handle Dean Smith's job, but by being the transitional coach to Roy Williams, he may have set the stage for the renewal of the dynasty.
The Reality-Based Community? Part XXXIX

The Gannongate story continues to get weirder:

If you have the time to read a few hundred Web postings, you will see how Johnny Gosch and Jeff Gannon, two completely unrelated individuals, became the same person on the Web. The way the theory developed says much about the anything-goes nature of the blogosphere and self-proclaimed reporters on the Internet, who seem to find accuracy and proof a nuisance in uncovering fantastical conspiracies.

That sounds a little harsh on the blogosphere, but in this case the writer is 100% correct. Note as well that the story is placed in the "recreation" section; given that the lefty bloggers are recreating reality that seems very apt.
McCartney Updates

Another suspect reports for questioning and is released.

The McCartney sisters will be traveling to Belgium in their quest for justice for their brother.
Plain Jane

I know this article is intended to be something of a sympathetic review of Jane Fonda's new memoir, but there's plenty for conservatives to enjoy as well. For all her wealth, fame, and glamour, Jane Fonda comes of as a profoundly unhappy woman. Get this part about her marriage to Ted Turner:

"Once again," she admits, "I seemed to have become someone new because of a man." Charmed by his outspoken honesty, his love of nature and even his inability to pronounce the word "monogamy," a 54-year-old Fonda agreed in 1991 to marry Turner. A month after their wedding, she discovered that he was sleeping with someone else. Fonda forgave him. She took over the Turner Foundation and worked tirelessly on issues of population control, children's health, adolescent reproductive health and sexuality. She started the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention. For her 60th birthday, Turner gave her a $10-million foundation.

Let me guess, her campaign for adolescent pregnancy prevention stressed condoms?
Monday, April 04, 2005
The Reality-Based Community? Part XXXVIII

Here's a book review of Byron York's The Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy:

If Mr. York occasionally goes too far in an attempt to be serious and fair, he does well to acknowledge the activist left's accomplishments--not least because he debunks several popular myths along the way. Pointing to the left's success in using tax-exempt organizations to raise funds, Mr. York puts paid to the meme that Republicans are the party bankrolled by the rich. Mr. York records that 92% of contributions of $1 million or more went to Democrats. Pro-Democratic 527s, meanwhile, spent more than twice as much as their GOP counterparts. Mr. York also deflates Michael Moore's self-serving claim that "Fahrenheit 9/11" was well-received in "red state" markets. (Not even close.)

Sounds like entertaining reading.
Medic Shows Valor

Spc. Shane Courville showed the kind of courage that this blog supports:

“When I got out I couldn’t see because of the smoke,” Courville said. “I got to Lt. Col. Infanti as quick as I could and started treating him.”

Courville examined Infanti and noticed he had lacerations to the back of his head and was disoriented from a concussion he received from the blast.

While he was applying bandages to Infanti’s head, three RPGs were fired at the convoy. One exploded under a vehicle. Another hit the tires of a vehicle and one hit the back of a vehicle, but did not detonate. It lodged between the blankets that the patrol was on their way to deliver.

Despite the enemy fire directed at his position, Courville continued to treat his commander’s wounds. Knowlden, who was also wounded by the IED, helped Courville loaded Infanti into the damaged vehicle where the medic continued to administer first aid while the convoy departed the area.

Moments later, a second IED detonated underneath Knowlden’s humvee, sending the back hatch of their truck flying end-over-end into the air. The Soldiers in the patrol dismounted once again and performed a security perimeter around the vehicles.

Staff Sgt. Christopher Carollo, 2nd BCT, HHC security patrol sergeant, was part of the dismounted team and said they noticed a group of wounded civilians who had been injured in the crossfire from the attack.

Courville immediately began treating them.
A Hero Passes

Congressional Medal of Honor winner Ernest Childers has died.

"It was during World War II that he performed an act of heroism that proved to be nothing short of remarkable. In September of 1943, confronted by a barrage of Nazi machine gun fire, then-First Lt. Childers and his eight men charged a hill controlled by enemy forces. He suffered a broken foot in the attack, but would not be deterred. Despite the pain, he advanced on the German position, single-handedly killing two enemy snipers and attacking a machine gun nest.

"Childers fought on. Crawling on his stomach, he managed to silence a second machine gun nest and captured an enemy mortar observer. First Lt. Childers received the Medal of Honor in April of 1944."
Save the Lobsters!

Neo-Neocon reports that the disfiguring lobster shell disease is apparently cosmetic only, and doesn't affect the taste. PETA will be happy if it cuts down on the consumption of our crustaceous cohabitants.

While we're on that subject, here's an editorial at the NY Times on the crucial topic of fois gras.
Ya Libnan: Where's the Outrage?

Our friends at Ya Libnan have been wondering when the Lebanese people will begin to get upset about the string of car bombings occuring in Lebanon.

The bombings are a two-pronged direct attack on fear and stability. The first target is at the heart of the movement for freedom, sending a crude message to those who seek a peaceful revolution. The attackers are attempting to mislead the Lebanese into thinking that the Syrian military and intelligence apparatus is necessary for the country's well being & security. The second target focuses on crippling the Lebanese economy. Local businesses are struggling to make ends meet with the ongoing wave of bombings.

Read it all.
Banned in Canaduh

Captain's Quarters has been reporting on the adscam scandal in the Great White North, to the point where officials are considering prosecuting any Canadian website linking to CQ. This is, of course, a finger in the dike strategy that is bound to fail.
Iran Still Hopeful Appeasement is EU Policy

They're still looking for a go-ahead on the nuclear deal:

Iran still hopes to strike a deal with the European Union (EU) on its peaceful use of nuclear energy, one that will assuage fears that it is trying to develop atomic weapons, Iranian President Mohammad Khatami said.

Mr Khatami, who is visiting the Austrian capital Vienna, said that the two sides were working "to find a solution to the right of our land for the peaceful development of nuclear energy and also to overcome the worries of our European colleagues" about Tehran's nuclear program.
Sunday, April 03, 2005
Pope John Paul II Roundup

George Will calls him "a celebrant of freedom":

In an amazingly fecund 27-month period, the cause of freedom was strengthened by the coming to high offices of Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan and John Paul II, who, like the president, had been an actor and was gifted at the presentational dimension of his office. This peripatetic pope was seen by more people than anyone in history, and his most important trip came early. It was a visit to Poland that began on June 2, 1979.

John Podhoretz calls him the hero of the (20th) century:

He would not bend his church's teaching to the political whims and enthusiasms of the present moment, and for that reason he was foolishly and ignorantly condemned as a right-wing conservative reactionary.

By taking a stand on behalf of the transcendent, John Paul II was offering a standing rebuke to the most evil idea of the 20th century — the idea that it is acceptable to enslave or dispose of human beings in mass numbers in order to achieve radical political aims.

I heard a little bit of CBS's coverage last night. They focused for the most part on the good stuff, although there was the predictable carping on not allowing women in the priesthood and the abortion/contraception issue. But I don't think the MSM's gripes are going to succeed in undermining the image of John Paul II as a giant for the ages.


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